Construction & Engineering

To manage any construction project, it is very necessary to have lawyers to examine all the legal factors of the project.
Our construction lawyers have comprehensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of construction and engineering work. We can advise and provide practical support that can meet your objectives whether you are a developer, contractor, employer or funder.

We offer advice on matters such as:

·       Construction Contracts

To ensure that you will get the correct terms for your special contract to set out both expectations of contractors and sub-contractors, you need to ask for a legal advice as early as you can.

Our lawyers can identify and prevent any risk that may rise in the future after you sign the agreement. Our support can start from the drafting process throughout negotiations, making sure that you will make right and safe decisions.

Furthermore, we advise on all sizes of the construction projects in Thailand and also can provide the support for the international project in the neighbor countries.

·       Construction Disputes

Construction disputes between parties are sometimes difficult to avoid. Our construction lawyers are here to help you diminish the disruption that cause to the project.

Our team offers a professional service to lead you through any disputes, including:

– Claims for losses caused by delayed or disrupted work
– Claims for extensions of time or variations
– Claims for defective work
– Claims against professional consultants for negligent design or over-certification
– Claims for unpaid fees

We provide a variety of resolution methods, efficient, and tailored advice on each construction dispute supporting both local and international projects as our lawyers have experienced contacts around the world.

Our team also have an extraordinary notable record of achievement in construction area, so you can be assured that you will have one of the best construction lawyer in Thailand.