Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Legal disputes can come in many ways for foreigners in Thailand, and the solutions to solve these complex issues rely on different Law (up to the conflict matter). Also there are many method of settlement, not only litigation in court, including Arbitration or negotiation before file any lawsuit to the court.

There are many foreigners who don’t realize the necessity of local experienced lawyers and try to deal with the issue by themselves. It always leads to unreasonable delay, high cost, and unpleasant outcome.

Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers are experienced and expert in every area of dispute resolutions under Thai law.

We focus on client’s interests and always solve the issue with passion like it is our own problem.

Before we begin working on your case,  we will discuss, listen and formulate a plan with you. No case will be too small or too big for our lawyer team. Hence, you can be insure that, with our help, your dispute will be taken care by professional lawyers as proficient as it could be.

At Pawat & Aswin, we offer a full service for all kind of dispute resolution. No matter what size your problem is or how difficult is it going to be or whether you are facing the dispute alone or as a corporation, we are ready to help you go through it.
Our dispute resolution services are cover all of conflict that may occur in Thailand. They cover such things as:
  • Construction and Engineering Disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Consumer Act
  • Commercial litigation
  • Debt collection
  • Fraud
  • IT Disputes
  • IP Disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Property ownership or acquisition
  • Personal injury claims

The term of legal dispute resolution by any means other than formal litigation isAlternative Dispute Resolution(ADR). It is usually faster and cheaper than going to court. Nonetheless, there will be times when litigation is a more logical alternative.

The most popular forms of ADR that we provide are:

  • Negotiation: Sometimes, we can deal with a dispute by doing a straightforward negotiation. This normally works well when the costs involved are not large.
  • Mediation: It requires a qualified mediator to helps both parties to reach a negotiated resolution. Thai court always persuade both parties to mediate the dispute before reaching the formal litigation procedure.
  • Arbitration: For Arbitration, both parties will appoint  the arbitrator to collate the evidences in the dispute and ruling the case with a binding judgement.

Confidentiality is also principal for our lawyers at all times, unlike most of the Thai lawyers here, there is no need for you to worry about your personal information or secret details being revealed to anyone by our firm.

Last but not least, we do assure you that, as a foreigner in foreign country, you are not facing with your dispute situation here alone. We are here with you and we will give you an invaluable advice and solve the problem with keeping the depletion to a minimum. We have tons of experience and excellent records in getting positive results, why wait any longer?

Feel free to contact our Partners, let us know your issue and solve it today.