• Intellectual Property

IP infringement in Thailand continues  to grow and remain its market which is challenging for the right holders and the police.  The Intellectual Property and International Trade Court of Thailand (IPIT) consider an infringement of IP rights as both civil and criminal offense, the court always adjudicates both civil and criminal actions.

Most of the counterfeited goods are imported from China and neighbor countries such as electronic devices, watches, cosmetics, food products, and pharmaceutical products. Only a few of counterfeited goods are produced in Thailand.

We have been working with the government department against the infringement for years. We litigate trademark, patent, and other IP right cases in Thai court. We also participate in IP negotiation and assist our clients enforcing their IP rights all over the country.

Trademark Registration

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  • Information Technology

Out IT team specialize in giving the best advice of Thai IT Law such as the Computer Act or any new IT law. We can advice you cover all of IT laws in Thailand. We also have been working and have a good relationship with the government organization for years which  helps us be one of the experts in this field.

If you concern about your business under Thai IT Law, contact us today. We are ready to solve your issues.