Legal Services

Legal Services are one of the most important services for foreigners who living or doing business in Thailand. Dealing with legal issues in the foreign country, you need to have a local lawyer who has a lot of experiences and high successful rate.

All of the legal services require an extensive understanding of Thai law as it can lead to vary possible outcomes that may follow in the future, so the assistance of Thai lawyer is essential.

Some foreigners made mistakes by purchasing fix legal services such as templates for contract and agreement to avoid legal fees.

However, it always lead to an unpleasant surprise result later.

As a consequence, with no choice, they need a real legal service to solve the problems or go to the court for an unnecessary lawsuit which is more expensive and time-consuming that they can prevent from the beginning.

Our Legal Services are cover all of the services that you need from Thai lawyer;

Our Lawyers will explain Thai law and all possible legal outcomes that may occur in the future for you. We will give you the best legal advice with a reasonable fee.

Furthermore, most of our lawyers hold Master degree in Laws from oversea which will be easier for us to understand your situation or your purpose. We also have a team of Foreign lawyer consultants to give advice or support any transaction abroad.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or let us know your problem before it is too late.