♦ Expertise

After several years of experience at local law firms in Bangkok, we realized that we shared the same point of views on practicing law and the best way to serve their clients. Ultimately, we determined to form a new firm – with a focus on straightforward advice, efficient process, honesty, time management, and reasonable and transparent bills.

We  never stop learning, always striving to improve and to better assist our clients.

♦ Efficient and Modern Methods

Most of the people believe that when they have to deal with any legal matter, it takes a long time. We refuse this understanding by adopting new technology to support us solving our client issues. We aim to fix any slow method and try to make it better. Here are just a few of our improvements:

  • Client Meetings that work for you: Life is busy and we don’t expect you to drop everything to visit our offices in the middle of your day, some of our work can be done online, over the phone, email, or video conference (skype). While we always like to meet you in person, we offer our delivery legal service to you. We can meet our clients at their business office or wherever we are needed.
  • Electronic Payment Options:  While many law firms still asking their clients to use old fashioned transfer forms. We still do accept those forms of payment, however, we encourage our clients to pay for legal services by credit card or electronic payment processing.
  • Relationships Matter: Our professional services are based on good communication and trust. As we believe that royalty needed to comes from both sides. We also use technology to reduce barriers between us and our clients.

♦ Risk Assessment

All legal action whether it’s a simple issue or a full-blown lawsuit always involves some element of risk. Avoiding this fact would be a critical disservice to our clients. Before we agree on the representation, we always make sure that our clients acknowledge all risks and benefits engaged in our proposed course of action.

Our intention is  to present our clients all of the necessary factors before they make any decision on their cases. We provide a sincere and straightforward assessment of:

  • the benefits, drawbacks, and obstacle in the case;
  • the triumph percentage;
  • the costs and risks of proceeding action;
  • possible recovery award.

♦ Upfront, Reasonable Billing

Too frequently, individuals sign up for a lawsuit with out a clear understanding of finances matter. it leads to dissatisfaction and confusion – the feelings that we do not want our clients to experience. Hence, before we continue with any representation, we always make sure that all financial issues are answered to our client’s satisfaction.

  • Hourly fees: In general, we charge our clients by hour for legal services.
  • Flat fees: There are some services that we provide so often, we know going in roughly how much time we will have to spend for this case. In this situation, we can offer flat fee rate which required client to pay only one time.