As a foreigner, doing business in Thailand will not be as easy as you experienced in your country. Many foreign investors have faced barriers and certain restrictions under Thai business laws which mostly reserves certain rights for Thai nationals.

At Pawat & Aswin International Law Office, we offer a full set of business set up and all corporate legal services. We provide concise, explicit and pragmatic solutions with understanding of economics and business point of view behind every transaction.

Our lawyers have tons of experience registering and setting up all types of company in Thailand for foreigners for many years. We know the successful way to deal with business in all type of corporations.

Our corporate team is also supported by leading practitioners in Real Estate, Employment, Intellectual Property, IT, and Dispute Resolution which will help us provide the best corporate advice for your business needs.

No matter what size of your business is, we are able to help you go through these complicated processes.

Our expert business lawyers are available across Thailand, offering business advices and services in every part of the country. We are recognized as the best business set up supporter from our successful track record in business field.

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