Most of foreigners who have been involved with Thai nationals may have face many obstacles when it comes to family matter. If you have a family conflict with Thai lover and need a trust-worthy lawyer, we are here for you as honesty and confidentiality are our principles at Pawat & Aswin.

Our family law experts have long successful records dealing with foreigner matters. We take care all the family cases as part of our firm issues. You can be ensured that your case is in a reliable and professional lawyers.These are the most common family law conflicts that we provide the legal aids;

Prenuptial Agreement

As the divorce rates between Thai and Foreigner couple is quite high, signing a prenuptial agreement before you get married with your Thai partner is taking as a wise financial protection. Otherwise, after you get divorce, your asset will be out of your control dividing under Thai Family Law. Find out more about Prenuptial

Marriage Registration

Getting Married in Thailand is not complicated as you expect. It is a fast and easy process for both Foreigner and Thai. All you need is your passport and some proofs from your embassy. It can be done at any district in Thailand during a working day. Find out more about required documents and the process of Marriage

Thailand Divorce

If you are a Foreigner who got married with a Thai, you need to bear in mind that an uncontested divorce which is quite popular in Thailand and is more favored to Thais may cause you more problems in the future. As this form of divorce is not recognized in every country. Find out more about Thai Divorce Law.

Marital Property

Generally, after registered your marriage in Thailand, all of the assets acquired by either the husband or wife are taken as the Marital Property. Nonetheless, There are also some exceptions of this rule under Thai law. Some assets can be excluded from the Marital Property pursuant to a registered prenuptial agreement. Find out more about exceptions and Thai Law of Marital Property .

Child Custody

To obtain Child custody in Thailand, it needed to be granted by the court or by the consent of the parties.Thailand Family Court usually gives the custody based on the best interest of the child. Hence, the relationship and behavior between parents and child are one of the most important factors analyzing by the Family court. Find out more about Thai Family Law and the way to get Child Custody.

Child Support

In Thailand, Child Support issue normally comes up when the parents, who are married to each other or unmarried, get divorced or separated. Both parents are committed to financially support their child until they reach 20 years old under Thai Law. Same as Child Custody, Child Support also can be granted by the court decision or by the written agreement of both parties. Find out more about Thai Family Law and Child Support

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